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>> joe: porcello goes down now to get loose for the tigers. here is the 2-2. two outs. and a strike-out of hunter pence. third timee has struck out tonight. pablo sandoval, with three home runs. that is his first. that is his second. that is his third. off alburquerque, straight-away center. 422 feet. in this inning, a singl single. he is at third. posey at second. two outs for brandon belt. good pitch. bottom fell out of that. strike one. >> tim: that was a good splitter. joaquin benoit with very, very good stuff.
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most good splitters, hitters swing over the top of them. and they're rarely strikes. the good ones are out of the strike zone. >> joe: here is the 0 0-1. 0-2. belt has flied out twice. walked and scored a run. there's porcello. it's benoit on the mound now. two out. runners at second and third and an 0-2 count. 8-1 game. ball one.
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>> joe: belt, a .320 hitter here at home. 2012. that just missed. 2-2. 96 from benoit. joe: sandoval and posey, the runners on with two outs. two more runs here in the seventh. and a 2-2 pitch. inning is over. back-to-back strike-outs by benoit of pence and belt. it's been all giants tonight. two more runs on the
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say hello to the full-screen phone. and a big screen that's fit for your hand. joe: there's chris massina who play doctors danny on the fox hit
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series "the mindy project" airing on tuesday at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central. they're obviously the fox seats, because phillip phillips was down the row and he did a great job with the "star spangled banner" at the beginning of the night. foul out of plate to right. lincecum goes back out there. kontos was getting loose. tim, we finished off the sixth. worked here in the eighth. after having a 1-2-3 seventh. 1-1, the count. two for three. 2-1. >> tim: i thought the two extra runs the giants scored meant that kontos would go back out there and then perhaps bruce bochy would have lium ready for tomorrow night. but he is probably trying to space him to have a couple of days between tonight's
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performance and maybe have him ready for game three. >> joe: yeah. he may tell you that lincecum is not going to work back-to-back games. it doesn't matter. >> tim: right. >> joe: jackson trying to get on base for the third time tonight. do it leading off an inning. for the second time he went. that is strike-out number four for tim lincecum. one out here in the eighth. >> tim: well, we were talking about the illusion of a strike. and again, austin jackson goes too far. you know, detroit tigers know of no other pitcher in the american league who throws like tim lincecum. he is so unusual in that delivery. velocity is important. but not as important with most pitchers. >> joe: here is infante. ball one. omar, 1 for 3. singled in the first.
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tigers put two on in the first. then fielder popped out. young bounced out. the bottom of the innin inning. pablo sandoval hit a home run. and the giants have never trailed here in game one. one out, nobody on. 2-0, the count. infante is up. on lincecum in the national league. he, lincecum, hits the outside corner. 2-1. zito on his way to a 2-0 record this post season. now watching after his first world series start in his long career. two outs. [ applause ] scutaro takes care of infante. this year, two lucky consumers won the chance to play with mlb legends through the pepsi max field of dreams program.
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fans voted and the game will be played in the hometown of a.l. consumer winner johnny corradi from rochester, new york. he and five friends will host the n.l. consumer winner, steven catchmark from washington, d.c. log on to for details. two out, nobody on. here is cabrera. miguel has been on base twice. with a walk and rbi single. there isn't anybody that is more imposing figure at the plate than miguel cabrera standing right on top of it, waving the bat. where do you go? that is up. count 1-1. >> tim: he almost has
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no weaknesses. he is so quick inside. that you can get him to chase, and he takes enough walks to where he doesn't do that a lot. >> joe: fouls it away right side. that's two. >> tim: two guys in the major leagues to me have almost no holes. albert pujols when he is hitting well. and miguel cabrera. >> joe: still loud and still packed. here at at&t park. two outs. 1-2 pitch. a strike-out by lincecum, who has been perfect through 2-1/3. bottom of the eighth inning rolls in. number 55 pitching well, as the giants lead biso
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series game number one, as we go to the bottom of the eighth. gregor blanco against the fifth pitcher of the night for the tigers, rick porcello. blanco first up. blanco 0-3, but he has made two outstanding catches in left. now in the hole. 0-2. porcello made 31 starts during the regular season. was 10-12. era of just over 4.5. that is strike three. one out in the bottom of the eighth. the world series is sponsored by lay-away's back at wal-mart on select items.
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see stores for details and fees. by the nikon one, a different kind of nikon. and by samsung galaxy, no-2. tablet, phone, the best of both. next big thing is here. here's crawford. >> joe: by the way, just so you know, the three-homer game by pablo sandoval, is the second three-homer game in the history of this ballpark which goes back to 2000. this is the 13th season the giants played in this beautiful stadium. the only other guy to do it, to have a three-homer game, kevin ellster of the dodgers. long-time new york met, who did it on april 11, 2000, in the first game in this ballpark. >> tim: how about that. everybody thought well,
11:16 pm
this ballpark, the ball is really going to carry. no, sir. >> joe: here is one in to center. will that carry to jackson? yep. two out. nice catch by austin jackson. we welcome you inside the broadcast booth, everybody. i'm joe buck, tim mccarver, erin andrews on the field along with ken rosenthal. who could have expected that justin verlander would struggle here tonight? and who could have expected that barry zito would end up lasting longer and out-pitching justin verlander? >> tim: and who could have expected pablo sandoval hitting three home runs. >> joe: i did. it had that one. >> tim: you did? >> joe: yeah. a ground ball left side. what a play. miguel cabrera takes a hit away from aubrey huff. the pinch-hitter. that will send game one in to the ninth inning. how about the last two defensive plays by the tigers? austin jackson in center. miguel cabrera at third.
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for the pro in all of us. come on, kid. i'm drew brees. and i'm harry. who? from one direction. platinum album. dudes.
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won the super bowl. on the cover. mvp. oh, yeah? [ girls screaming ] yeah. [ crowd cheering ] if you give him the pepsi, you can be in the band. really? ♪ and never, never, never stop for anyone ♪ ♪ tonight let's get some ♪ and live while we're young ♪ ♪ tonight let's get some >> joe: major league baseball dedicates game
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one of the world series to stand up 2 cancer. share a photo of the person you stand up for, on instagram using #standuupfor. joaquin arias takes over at third base. pablo sandoval has done his damage for the night with his bat, four-hit night, three-homer night and jose mijares is the left-hander. george kontos still up. right-handed batters coming up. this is likely a one-hitter outing for mijares. >> tim: right. >> joe: two strikes. >> tim: the giants of all things have had problems in the sixth inning. so they picked up mijares from kansas city on waivers on augus august 6th. bruce bochy said he actually helped this team in the sixth innin inning. because he is odd. teams capitalizing and beating the giants, o with
11:21 pm
runs in the sixth inning. >> joe: arias had to play perfectly. gets it on a short hop and gets tut. just in to the game, and mijares goes one-third of an inning. by the way, that is on the heels of tim lincecum. he has a couple of cy young award winners sitting there. veterans. the lefty zito who got the start. he will get the win tonight. barring a miraculous comeback. and lincecum went 2-1/3, no hits, five strike-outs. mijares, his night finished in game one. kontos coming in. introducing the new 13-inch macbook pro, ♪ with the stunning retina display. ♪
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11:24 pm
seven outs and five by strike-out. his stuff is better right now coming out of the bullpen than for an elongated time at any point in the regular season, as young swings and misses. lincecum started to get his stuff back as a starter prior to his final two starts of the regular season. kontos gets two quick ones on young. then his last two starts were not good. lincecum started this post season in bullpen and he has been a big plus. delmon young, one out, nobody on. kontos. ground ball, right side. base hit. delmon young is on, with one out here in the ninth. 0-# pitch. young found a hole over the right side. between scutaro and belt. >> tim: so you think of the last three innings, and you can't help but compare the two
11:25 pm
relievers. valverde, jim leyland putting him in to try to restore his confidence. the giants scored two runs against him. the body language going in to the dugout. now you look at lincecum, retiring seven in a row. five strike-outs. lasting that game easy laugh and -- flashing that same easy laugh and smile he had in 2010. >> joe: he was 4-1 that post season. >> tim: yeah. you can see the peace on his face. the game can be cruel. the game can be ugly. >> joe: 1-0. that breaking ball misses. 2-0. peralta at the plate. johnny is 0-3. it was peralta lincecum faced out of the bullpen with two on, a run home, two out. lincecum struck him out. that ended the top of the sixth. 0-1 -- 2-1.
11:26 pm
>> tim: george kontos on the other hand traded for chris stewart from the new york yankees. right after spring training. an you know it had to enter his mind, uh-oh, there goes my chance of being in a world series. i'll be with the giants. not yankees. >> joe: here is a fly ball in to center. back is pagan. at the wall. it's gone. jhonny peralta has made this a five-run game. he's hit now three home runs over his last two post season games. he gets his first of the night. >> tim: in a ballpark that is so difficult to homer we have seen three homers to center and
11:27 pm
opposite field homer to left. >> joe: pagan got a piece. >> tim: hitting pagan's glove. and then the top of the wall in bouncing up and over. >> joe: subdued celebration for the home run for peralta. that just makes it a five-run game. and dave righetti is out to talk to kontos. with jeremy affeldt, the left-hander getting loose now in case this inning starts to get out of hand. andy dirks will be the pinch-hitter. and pagan knows that he came awfully close, off his glove and over the wall to make it 8-3. garcia lifted for dirks,
11:28 pm
who hit .322 during a regular season. here is affeldt. >> joe: after dirks, it's avila. another lhanded batter. that's strike two. andy dirks backs out of there. gets back in. third pinch hitter of the night for the tigers. and he grounds back to kontos. giants one out away from a game one victory. two out in the ninth. it's up to alex avila to try to keep the top of the ninth inning alive. he has struck out,
11:29 pm
grounded out twice. a game that started the matchup between barry zito, making his first world series start and justin verlander, the reigning a.l. cy young award winner and mvp. all the rest for verlander, all the rest for the tigers. but all the momentum for the giants. got a run in bottom of the first. never trailed. lead by five in the ninth. the 0-1. and a strike. a matchup of doug fister, the right-hander tomorrow night in game two. against madison bumgarner. who is 0-2 this post season. here is a 1-1 pitch. 2-1. giants lost game one of their division series
11:30 pm
here at home to the reds. lost game one of the nlcs here at home to the cardinals. the count goes to 3-1. one outy from a victory in game one of the world series before this home crowd. ramon santiago on deck. two-out, nobody on. strike two on avila. zito tonight, 5-2/3, one run on six hits. barry is one strike away from his first world series victory. breaking ball, fouled
11:31 pm
back. joe: a 3-2 is high. two-out walk. now ramon santiago will come off the bench. and bruce bochy will stay with kontos? the answer is no. trying to get george kontos going. he comes in, allows a single, homer, two-out walk. affeldt coming in to try to end game one of this world series. where others fail, droid powers through.
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joe: top of the ninth inning. one on, two out. jeremy affeldt, a left-hander and a good one, is in to his ninth game of this post season. santiago, one pitch. that ends it! giants win game one of the 2012 world series. [ cheers & applause ] the giants stay hot. and they did it tonight behind a pitching performance from barry zito an tim lincecum. and an unbelievable offensive night from the same two guys.

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